Who is sexdollinline.com. Where are you ?

    sexdollonline.net 's based in shenzhen China. we are the most complete sex doll online shop ! sexdollonline.net is a leading Internet retailer committed to providing Professional customer service. exclusive sex doll. and a superior experience. Also  we are Professional sex doll designer .We design different doll face and body according to customer's requirements

We are the largest worldwide partner ( the top 15 sex doll factories) in China with 100% authentic products and a sophisticated customer service system.We has one of the best reputations among online sex doll retailers. We always strive to make your online shopping experience the best it can be. Thank you for choosing sexdollonline.net.

7*24 hours  online service & mail service for you!

Office address:

    Room803. huashenghui Commercial Bulding. xixiang .shenzhen china

    TEL: +86075529485302  EMAIL: [email protected]


Can you safely ship all kinds of sex doll including teen sex doll to my home ? Is there any customs problem to me ? Do i have to pay customs fees for my order ?

    If your address is in the following countries. we can safe ship your order to your home and you do not face customs guys and do not need to pay customs fees.

    Because we are responsible for customs clearance and pay customs duties by our own name. we take all risk for your order transport!  (we have warehouse in USA、Canada、Europe. After your payment .we shipping your order to our warehouse and finish customs clearance .then shipping to your home from there by UPS express . total shipping time is 15-18days)

North America:

USA 、Canada


    UK 、France、Germany. Italy、Spain、Poland、 Bulgaria、 Estonia、 Greece 、Hungary、 Lithuania、 Latvia、 Romania、 Slovenia、 Slovakia、 Croatia、 Austria. Belgium、 Luxembourg、 Denmark、 Netherlands 、 Finland、  Ireland、 Portugal、 Sweden、 Czech Republic 、Northern Ireland



NOTE: If buyer from japan,usually we safe shipping order by fedex ,buyer will pay customs fee when the package arrive.but not any customs problem.

   If your address is in the following countries. In accordance with the laws of the products can be smoothly  customs clearance. only need pay customs fees. so before you order. Please consult the customs requirements clearly. because you need do customs clean and pay fees by yourself. but we can safe shipping to your country by UPS express.or EMS.


    South Africa


    Australia. New Zealand

North America:


South America:

    Brazil(only accept order dolls under 130cm. because EMS transport limits the weight and size of the package)

    Any other country or region that has not been mentioned. please consider the risks of transportation and customs clearance before order ! If you want to buy . please specify the transport channel or transport by youself . we will not assume the transport risk.. thank you .


What is the package of the product? Does anybody know what's inside?

    Strong boxes without any description of product as the photos . no one knows what is inside


How many methods of payment are there?

    We have 10 secure payment methods on our website:

Why don't you accept PayPal payment?

    Paypal is not allowed to be used to buy adult products including sex doll now .Please see our bolg about this questions :



I've already paid but My order hasn't been shipped yet. can you still cancel my order and return my money at my request??

    Yes  we can . but You need to pay refund cost including :sex doll material cost and international payments fees . In order to avoid our losses. please consider carefully before order on our website

    NOTE: if you cancel your order . please contact [email protected] to help you with this.


How can I buy sex doll on this website? Do I need to register?

    Yes In order to protect the security of your information. you must register as our member before order. All the data is encrypted. more secure than not registered.

      Ordering from sexdollonline.net is very easy. safe and reliable. You will receive a confirmation email after you Register as our member also you will receive a confirmation email after place your order. How to order ? please see following pictures:


    Customizing your doll first and putting your favorite dolls to your shopping cart and checkout.


I have other questions. How can I contact you? 

    Please kindly email to one of our Customer Service at [email protected] . You can also use our online chat support. Your email will usually be answered within 24 hours.