Wholesale sex doll

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M: Hi Amanda, My liners p
A: i don't know what's mean, or we can talk online, ok?
M:My phone fell while i was writing to you and sent by mistake, my apology !
My clients are looking for western looking dolls with blonde or brunette hair.
I have attached two example pictures, can you make them look similar ?
Also, can you confirm if the dolls have full metal skeleton ?
A:  Can i have more picture about this two doll?  I have find one doll is very similar, but i can't confirm it
M: Is it possible to send me some nice photos of the dolls because it would be easier like this so I can show my clients. Also, they would maybe like to customize their dolls so if you can send me photos of the different options and choices you have for them that would be great (such as different hair, nails and clothes they can choose for their doll).
A: No problem sent to you the other doll picture.
I just sent to you email please kindly check it. about clothes, we didn't have same    clothes, but if you client insist to need the clothes, i can find it for you.
This two doll we can find it for you, if you can confirm  to buy these two doll.
Best price is not problem with good quality.
I can confirm the doll have full metal skeleton.
M: Thank you so much for sending me that email. I will show my clients immediately.
I have a couple more questions for you: do you offer different size dolls for example 136cm and 165cm ?Also can they customize eye color of the doll ?
 thank you so much
A:  Of course, we have 100, 125,135,145,153,158,163,165,168cm doll.
Any size you need we can sent to you. So any doll you need please let me know.
 We can customize blue, green and brown color eye.  Please see picture.
 Please open the picture in have sent to you, you can find different size doll picture.
I will give you best price. Just let me know which doll you need is ok.


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