What type of vagina do you actually need?

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Let’s get the point and all I want to talk about is the sex doll vagina type, the fixed vagina type and the replaceable vagina type. Do you know how to choose the vagina type from the two?
Firstly, emotionally most people will be willing a fixed vagina as that is what the real human has. And the sex doll should be like that if it aims at super realistic feeling and appearance. Maybe, but recently the replaceable vagina is become more and more perfectly fit with the doll body and sometimes you might cannot distinguish it from the first impression.
Okay, then how to decide?
The biggest advantage of the replaceable vagina is its easy to cleaning and you could replace a new one if it hurts. So you know what doll could be the fixed type vagina now. a doll could be very easier to clean will be no difference to have a replaceable vagina. Because wash the whole doll might be easier to uninstall the insert and fix it back. What weight doll is suitable to have that? This is depend on yourself determination. If you were the strong man who could carry the sex doll easily even it is 30kg, then you could choose fixed type. Of course, this is just one point. Some other reasons will also affect, like you got a washroom very close to your room, or you have personal skill to do with the fixed vagina.
Another main reason is the vagina durable problem. If you use the sex doll for sex rarely, the fixed vagina could be durable enough for you to use. For the replaceable vagina, you could use another insert to replace it once it was hurt after constantly using. And the fixed type, you could only try to repair it or had the doll vagina rebuild and install another insert, not a good job to do ha… it seems that you could handle any doll if you are able to do this tough job.
The real determination depends on your personal mind of course. The real condition of everyone is different, this is just two main reasons for your reference.


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