Why do you choose a sex doll rather than girl friend?

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  I watched your shop a couple of weeks ago, www.sexdollonline.net.  i can’t know how many dolls in that shop but i think about two-hundred doll in there. And i feel confused that, ask them “are you dolls manufacturer?”  Fortunately Amanda tell me the trust, they are agent for many different doll factory.

Before buy a doll, i have some question for this, I think it was interesting question,  It was about men who didn't bother with real women, but silicone doll , just looks like women. Haha, this is a funny question.

Girl friend and doll, the men who will be choose. If i don’t want a real women , of course i would love to get a doll. But for now, i love real women, i love my GF, and want to share everything with her, not a doll. So i was thinking , for these men who buy a doll instead of girl friend, did they chose his dolls over girl friend. I have to get the answer. I am a person with curiosity.

So If you are a girl , would yo agree your men play with doll replace you? Men, why do you want t silicone doll as lovers, what do you think? Is it doll can be total control by yourself? Maybe a real girl disagree with you do everything you need in your bed, like SM or other special taste, or some people who are difficulty to establish a relationship with women. But they are still want a women , because men still want a doll. Why not play with real girl , or what’s reason can not get one?

After ask those question,
One girl give me a answer, Adam say “i didn’t date with a guy who would rather play game or porn video than hang out with me. And i think he didn’t like to feel i am a responsibility to him, in order this, he need some privacy time and didn’t want to share everything with other. If only himself, he always feel alone, a doll can be as girl friend, he never need to thought how to make her happy , just need to buy a smile doll face, doll always smile. I had meet men date with me at first time, told me having a girlfriend was his dream and now come true. At that time i was surprised, maybe he like the idea of a women, not the real in his mind. So the men like this, he would happier to have a sex doll or more sex doll than with me to be honest. “

A men say, “i don’t know girl how to thought, every month had new day can’t be have fun, and worry pregnancy. I don’t like shopping or watch movie, it’s waste my time. I would love to do something by myself. So i love to get a doll than have a women.”

After get some answer and know people how to thinking, i think this is a business chance, i begin to search some doll and supplier, after about two week, i found sexdollonline and talk with Amanda, i think she can help me to know more about this market and begin this business fast. They website very nice, i would love to build one like they , but it’s a hard work.