Would you like to buy a mini sex doll as your partner?

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about mini sex doll


Do you know sex doll  is made by  TPE or  silicone and most of them is from China? Would you like to buy a sex doll as your partner?

Up to the present day, more and more young and old people like to buy a sex doll as their girl friends or lovers. About these sex dolls, the 100cm mini sex doll are most popular in the world. However, there is a issue coming, in order to protect the teen girls well, there are many countries carry serious policy about sex doll importing, especially 100cm sex doll, mini sex doll, teen sex doll, flat chest sex doll, etc.

Today is Saturday, June 17th, 2017. A new customer from United States visited our website www.sexdollonline.net, and after looking for about 20 minutes, he really like and want to buy a 100cm mini sex doll. He asked me, “Can I buy this 100cm mini sex doll? I would like to take all the lose and risks if it can not finish customs clearance in USA.” According to USA policy about sex doll importing, we accept his order, and arrange a safe Special Line for this 100cm mini sex doll

For every order, we will confirm all the sex doll details with customers, such as skin color, wig type, eye color, nail color, feet type, vagina type, etc. What’s the important thing, we need to make sure importing sex doll is allowed and legal. So that they can buy a sex doll safely and make love with this high quality doll happily. We really don’t want to hear the news that someone lost much money as sex doll customs clearance failed, or he is arrested as import a mini sex doll looks like a teen or a child. Do you think so?

Do you know which countries are allow to import sex doll? Here is the countries which importing sex doll is legal, keep it in your mind if you really want to buy a sex doll!
Belgium, Bulgaria,Canada, China(mainland, Hon Kong, Macao, Taiwan) Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, India, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, United States, Ukraine, the United Kingdom

Kindly note that, during these countries, as some countries have some serious policies to protect teen or young girl, in order to send mini sex doll to customers place safely, we will use Special Line(Flight-Express Shipping). 
As religious belief, some countries are not allowed import sex doll or other sex toys. such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Jordan etc. Another part is Customs does not allow the import of adult products, such as Turkey, Norway ,Brazil, Argentina, etc.

For the country beyond range listed above, please kindly inquiry our sales and confirm the shipping - Availibility before placing an order.

Do you have any questions about it? Welcome to contact us by [email protected]
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