silicone sex doll 140cm most realistic silicone sex dolls with High quality TPE love dolls body free shipping

silicone sex doll 140cm most realistic silicone sex dolls with High quality TPE love dolls body

silicone sex doll 140cm most realistic silicone sex dolls with High quality TPE love dolls body free shipping

silicone sex doll 140cm most realistic silicone sex dolls with High quality TPE love dolls body - The price is only $2,599.00

The prices include shipping costs and customs clearance duties, all customs dues and fees fully paid before shipping.just sit back and wait after payment!

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      Her name is "Sayuri"! most real life sex doll! You can not imagine how real visual experience and feelings she is! Have you even seen wax figures? "Sayuri" is more realistic than wax figure, because she is made of medicine silicone skin craft. The special aspect, her hair is real “human hair” and planted one by one, instead of wig. And her eyebrows are also planted ”human hair” "Sayuri" is much different with all previous sex dolls. Her eyelashes are planted without glue, more stable and more realistic!Sayuri can really accompany with you into the bathtub.

As a perfect product, more than 20 working days and 20 production processes, "Sayuri" is coming!


Maybe you find out that her body is made of TPE, because a lot of buyers feedback to us that TPE sex doll's skin is more like human skin than silicone sex doll. Also Feel better!Realistic silicone head, and TPE lifelike body skeleton inside She is "Sayuri"!
If you like "Sayuri",pls put her into shopping cart. We need to remind of you: If you already being our customer, please tell us the product model you have already purchased, we would help you judge whether "Sayuri"s head match your current doll's body.



  • Vagina Depth:15cm(5.9in)
  • Anus Depth:16cm(6.3in)
  • Height:140cm(4 feet 7 in)
  • Net Weight: 25kg(55lb)
  • BWH(Bust, Waist, Hips):69*50*75cm(2ft 3in*1ft 8in*2ft 6in)
  • Foot Length:21cm(8.2in)


  • Package Size: 130cm*37cm*25cm(4ft 3in*1ft 2.6in*9.8n)
  • Packing Weight29kg(63lb)



We also have more  teen sex doll with diffent face doll for choose ,
if you want to see more naked pictures,contact customer service  online chat or mail : [email protected] for all clear photos link 






Shipping infomations:

Local delivery service(duty-free) in the following countries:

USA、Canada、UK 、France、Germany、Italy、Spain、Poland、 Bulgaria、 Estonia、 Greece 、Hungary、 Lithuania、 Latvia、 Romania、 Slovenia、 Slovakia、 Croatia、 Austria. Belgium、 Luxembourg、 Denmark、 Netherlands 、 Finland、  Ireland、 Portugal、 Sweden、 Czech Republic 、Northern Ireland、China、Japan、Russia、Ukraine、Singapore、Malaysia、Thailand

From other countries,contact customer service for best shipping methods before order,please

Discreet Packaging:

The box is completely plain and unlabeled.

Delivery time:

Doll requires 8-15 days Production time + 12-15 for shipping = 20-30 days total delivery time 

Payment method:
Bank transfer
Western Union
and others payment method such as dotpay,polipayment,qiwi,trustpay,webmoney,yamoney.etc
Q: Can I pick up the goods myself? I don't want the doll to be sent directly to my home.
A: Yes, you can .
When we start transporting your doll, we will send you the shipping logistics tracking number.  as a recipient, you have the right to ask the courier company to Change delivery method by this tracking number. For example: When your doll begins to be shipped, you can notify the courier company that you need to pick up the goods from the nearest service station. They will tell you when to arrive and where to pick up your goods.
Q: Can I see their real photos before shipping?
A: of course you can, but inform our customer service in advance. please


Q: Can i pay in installments?

A:If the payment method you choose is: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Bitcoin, you can pay 50% after the order is confirmed, and pay the balance after after confirmation and before delivery.


Q:what will appear on my bill?love doll?Is it secure and discreet?

A:Paying by credit card is undoubtedly the most convenient way to pay.Our website currently accepts MasterCard payments.We use the best 3rd party biller,The charge will show up as something discreet on your credit card bill which does not make mention of doll. We also use encrypted HTTPS protocol for complete security while you are browsing our site.

Q:How can I buy it?
A:This operation is very simple:
1、Register your account on our site
2Choose doll skin, wig, eyes and other options on product link , then add to your cart
Q:How to maintenance and use of them?

A:Refer to the following:

1、We recommend you to use a “water-based lubricant” when entering the vaginal, anal and oral canals to prevent tearing of the skin. also it will be better to use a condom.

2、if you like the doggy-style, Do not put weight on your dolls hands or wrists. protect his palm support your dolls torso beneath her with pillows or quilt or other soft objects.

3、sex doll has a metal skeleton with several fixed and movable joints that allow her to be flexible and perform a wide range of poses. but We suggest that you don't put the doll in a difficult position, Avoid using sharp objects\ fire source\ Hair drier , they will Hurt your doll skin, stretching of limbs and extreme force with your doll as it could damage the doll’s soft skin And skeleton too.

4、all real life sex doll need be cleaned after sex, you can put her in water or shower with her, but be careful do not let her head or neck submerge under the water. if you want to clean your  dolls face, very gently wipe with a wet cloth and mild antibacterial soap is ok . we have send “vaginal irrigator”as Accessories of the product, it can help you to clean  your sex dolls Vaginal mouth and anus.

5、After naturally dry, Please use baby powder with the included brush to keep her skin soft and velvety.

6、Take care to make sure that any clothing you will put on your dolls is color transfer resistant. it can be difficult or even impossible remove it. Though our Stain Remover does an excellent job of removing most clothing stains.

7、Do not expose your real dolls to direct sunlight for long times to prevent aging of the material.


Q:How can i clean it after use,what tools can be used?

A:We will provide free clean tools in the accessories,all free accessories in the following picture,we will shipping with the doll. we also have other accessories,such as : stain remove、TPE glue、eyelash glue、doll head or body hooks etc. click menu "sex doll accessories" for more.




Any more questions ? online chat or feel free contact Customer service [email protected],we will reply within 24 hours. 


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